I just thought I should let you know why the R&RS Days were postponed in May. 
Only two weeks before our first R&RS training and exam days, the BHS informed us that they had decided to change the R&RS syllabus and re name it Ride Safe. 
With time ticking on and after a lot of discussions with Charlie King, Jean Hopkinson from R&RS and Megan Long from the BHS we decided to postpone our first R&RS training & exam days at NVEC. 
We are all obviously very disappointed but feel we want to get things right from the start. 
Ride Safe will come into action on 1st June so we are just awaiting confirmation of the name Ride Safe, and new dates please bear with us it is frustrating for all of us. 
I would just thank those of you who have kept your deposits with us and are waiting for the new dates for the training and exam. We are looking at after June this year. 
Ride Safe will be a better all-round training covering more ground not just riding on the roads… and a bonus is that there will be no written paper! Please keep an eye on the website for the new dates. 
Many apologies again, we feel this is just a bumpy start, any questions just email me and I will do my best to answer them. 
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