Solarium & Warm water Wash Box For Hire 
We fully appreciate that not everyone has such facilities on site so if you would like to come and give your equine friend a nice warm shower followed by a relaxing solarium session you’ll be pleased to hear you can book in with us: 
£5 warm water shower 30 minutes 
£10 solarium for 20 minutes 
£15 for a 60-minute session using both the shower and solarium 
Block booking packages available (payment required in advance), i.e. 6 x solarium sessions for £50 (conditions apply) 
Please text to book a time and remember to bring your own washing equipment. As well as the convenience of warm water there are also health benefits to using the solarium. 
The model we have installed is a Kylix Lambda Pro Solarium, with 18 lamps and 4 circulation fans. The Kylix is specifically designed to warm a horse’s major muscle groups and is a state of the art solarium with no fumes or odours, no harmful ultraviolet waves, and horses cannot tan or be harmed by using the lamps. 
Your horse will grow to appreciate and seek comfort as lights and heat are turned on as the heat feels completely natural and comfortable (like the feeling of warm sunshine) It is the low glare solarium heating that improves blood circulation around the horse’s body aiding digestion and increasing the flow of blood to organs. 
By warming horses before exercise, it reduces the danger of muscle strain, therefore shortening the time needed warming up before riding. Tense, cold muscles are prone to strain and unnecessary stress which can be avoided. 
Solarium heating has long been acknowledged as a healing and comforting heat source, the low glare warmth helps to heal any muscular injury and relax your horse. The infrared rays readily absorbed into muscle tissue where they stimulate blood circulation and aid rapid repair. For show preparation, the lamps help accelerate the natural moulting process, and horses dried under Kylix solariums produce smoother, glossier coats because the natural oils in the coat are stimulated. Plaiting is much easier too and you won’t suffer from frozen fingers while working with damp manes and tails. 
To make a booking contact Sally Bates - 0776 99 33 870 
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